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Kitchen and back

This is a blog about our adventures in our housebus, “Liberty the Great”. Late 2013, we bought an old schoolbus and converted it to the home of our dreams. We were on the road in Liberty from May 2014 to April 2016, travelling around all of New Zealand. We do web and graphic design as and are creating memories for our two boys.

This blog helps us keeping track of that special time in the bus and the adventures that came with it. Liberty the Great, thanks for taking us around the country.


Kitchen and back
Our kitchen and the back
Kitchen and bunks
Kitchen and bunks
Null and Thomas
Null, the dog and Thomas, the sock.
Cupboards and strings
My grandfather’s Waldzither. He’d be happy to see its continued use.
Vancouver Island art in hallway
Bunk beds
Bunk beds with ladder
Elliott's bed
Elliott’s bed
Otis' bed
Otis’ bed
Hallway and back
Play area
Play area. Frame folds down into table.
True north – Heidi and Arne gave us this compass upon our departure from Hamburg

Open kitchen shelf

Even in calm waters
Rimu boards finish on the ceiling edge. “Even in calm waters waves will rise.”
Kitchen and hallway
Kitchen and hallway
Kitchen storage
Bottled storage in kitchen.

Open ceiling shelf

Open shelves
Thanks, Nina and Martin from Hamburg for this cute picture.
Lounge lamp
This was the very first thing we got for the bus, even before we had the bus: A metal casing of some rotting electric switchboard from the farm – restored as a lampshade.
Seating and eating. The table is made out of two old bedheads and some original bus pole, and lifts off for driving.
Sofa – folds up against the wall if more playing or yoga space is needed


Perfect spot
Perfect spot

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