Maraehako Beach

And then there was Maraehako.

…Strange I had almost forgotten about it, a marvel of a place we just happened to stop at to stay for a couple of nights. I am wondering if New Zealand is full of these places you just happen to stumble across by chance. This was one of my favourite, unexpected spots around the Cape. It churns your stomach with delight and wraps your brain around a core of joy.

Evocative descriptions of this region come to my mind – ‘Pacific Coastal highway around the East Cape’, the first part of New Zealand to see the light, sunniest spot in the country, and it’s all true.

The beach is peaceful, with a view of White Island straight across, about 60km away. There is a perfect swimming hole, including a swing, at the far end of the beach. Just a few meters further around, exposed tub-sized rock pools, which heat up in the sun at low tide, provide a perfect, warm bath.

We bbq on the beach and rest our minds. If we were bothered by mosquitos and sandflies those days, I have completely forgotten.

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