Being grateful in the age of housebussing

Kitchen storage

Yesterday we celebrated midwinter Christmas. A collection of all kinds of comfort food and punch filled our table, accompanied by Bing Crosby Christmas songs. Hannah brought up the idea of everyone sharing why they’re grateful for the other people in our family, and also for themselves. Elliott declined to comment. The hardest part of course is to … Continue reading Being grateful in the age of housebussing

Picking berries for the winter

Elliott and cranberries

Considering it’s autumn and we’re still not on the road, the kids are helping in picking berries for the winter. Leaves, berries, forest paths, turtles (?), bliss. Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the bus WHATSOEVER, so here we go with Part II of the recent month update package:   Shower and loo Jonathan … Continue reading Picking berries for the winter

Little crackers

Easter sleepover

It’s Easter! And we’re still here.. Working around the clock though and feuern aus allen Rohren to get to the finish line; hence the lack of posts. I can assure you that lots has happened in the last four weeks, and that an end is in sight. We’ve started sorting out some belongings and will start … Continue reading Little crackers

As time goes by

Office space!

No, this is not a tribute post to Casablanca. (That would be weird.) We are still here As time goes by, we’re still in Hanmer working on the bus. I have a feeling that the end is nigh though. Here’s to show you what has happened in the last while, walls, office space, half a kitchen, … Continue reading As time goes by

Weekly gratitude #3: Len and Maree


This week we’re gearing up to put the kitchen and plumbing in. I’ve been hanging out for this since Len and Maree Earl (parents of another school friend, Emma) called to ask if we needed any kitchen cabinetry. When they bought their 1930s house (now the nicest B&B in Hanmer Springs) the original rimu kitchen … Continue reading Weekly gratitude #3: Len and Maree

Weekly Gratitude#2: Dad

That Jonathan

The second gratitude is for a person without whom this project simply wouldn’t be do-able: Hannah’s dad. He’s our go-to person for any building challenge, and he enables us to do the interior mostly by ourselves, with the confidence that he’s there with guidance when we need it in technical and practical matters. Apart from … Continue reading Weekly Gratitude#2: Dad

Say my name, say my name


Hello there, lots of progress has been made since the last post, but before we get into the nitty and gritty of things, pretty before/after pictures and such, a little explanation about the name of the bus and blog first. All house buses in New Zealand have names, some clever, most of them cheesy, so … Continue reading Say my name, say my name