Weekly Gratitude #6


This week I’m grateful for: I’m also grateful for the jobs we’ve got chugging along at the moment. I hadn’t tried it before, but working from home is pretty great. It is entirely possible to combine family and work, and actually get things done! My last thank you this week is to Shannon, whose words … Continue reading Weekly Gratitude #6

From Arrowtown with love: Weekly gratitude #5

Winter in Arrowtown

Not having written a gratitude post a week hasn’t been due to the lack of people to be grateful for. We’re parked up in Arrowtown at the moment, a pretty place to be in winter. Because of low temperatures and short days, a lot of our activities revolve around food preparation and eating, so it was especially humbling to … Continue reading From Arrowtown with love: Weekly gratitude #5

Weekly Gratitude #4


The last month has been unbelievably wonderful at times. It has honestly also been awful at times. When the boys have been screaming all day, and we’re worrying about getting enough design jobs in to keep us going, and it’s cold and wet, we ask ourselves, “Why are we doing this?”.  Looking back over the … Continue reading Weekly Gratitude #4

Weekly gratitude #3: Len and Maree


This week we’re gearing up to put the kitchen and plumbing in. I’ve been hanging out for this since Len and Maree Earl (parents of another school friend, Emma) called to ask if we needed any kitchen cabinetry. When they bought their 1930s house (now the nicest B&B in Hanmer Springs) the original rimu kitchen … Continue reading Weekly gratitude #3: Len and Maree

Weekly Gratitude#2: Dad

That Jonathan

The second gratitude is for a person without whom this project simply wouldn’t be do-able: Hannah’s dad. He’s our go-to person for any building challenge, and he enables us to do the interior mostly by ourselves, with the confidence that he’s there with guidance when we need it in technical and practical matters. Apart from … Continue reading Weekly Gratitude#2: Dad

Weekly Gratitudes


A lovely book I’ve owned for a while, The Creative Family, recommends making gratitude a regular part of our days as a way to fill our creative cups. Although I totally agree with the concept (in fact, there’s more than enough research linking happiness and gratitude – this guy reckons sending 5 emails will do … Continue reading Weekly Gratitudes