Hokitika beach life


Life is ticking on pretty nicely at the moment. Work has picked up a bit more (downside = less blogging), and we have a steady wee routine going, something I’ve been aching for for ages. I’m really enjoying doing a bit more hand-drawn work – a couple of logos and some illustrations for a magazine … Continue reading Hokitika beach life

West Coast, here we are!

West Coast

Aaaaah, the West Coast. It seems we did have to go the long way around, to finally arrive where we knew we’d love to be. And facing winter in Southland may have made it all the nicer to arrive. It felt like layers and layers of cold and darkness were peeled off us in an … Continue reading West Coast, here we are!

Four nights in the wild


We’ve had the most blissful few days. Four days ago (really only four?), we drove north out of Wanaka, heading towards the Haast Pass to cross over to the West Coast. At the top of Lake Wanaka, we pulled into a Department of Conservation campsite to spend the night. Having stayed in well-groomed Holiday Parks … Continue reading Four nights in the wild



After our Queenstown “on holiday” week (no work… well, not much work, baths every single day, going to the loo inside. LUXURY!), we upped sticks and drove to Wanaka. For whatever reason, this little town seems to sit in the eye of whatever nasty weather pattern is currently hitting the region, so we’ve enjoyed beautiful, … Continue reading Wanaka

A week in Queenstown

Queenstown ice rink

After three months, through winter, Liberty has withstood the test of time and we have moved past the novel feeling of life on the road. Romantic notions of frosty days, woodfiry nights, homebaked bread and an overall gypsy vibe have become reality for us. This is now our life. Despite this, or maybe because of … Continue reading A week in Queenstown

Weekly Gratitude #6


This week I’m grateful for: I’m also grateful for the jobs we’ve got chugging along at the moment. I hadn’t tried it before, but working from home is pretty great. It is entirely possible to combine family and work, and actually get things done! My last thank you this week is to Shannon, whose words … Continue reading Weekly Gratitude #6

Becoming Arrowtown locals


Ironically, I’ve often found travelling quite hard work. I find myself disappointed as a tourist because I am an outsider – I don’t have a local pub (no matter what Lonely Planet recommends), I can’t meet a good friend for a chat at my favorite cafe and I don’t know where to find people doing … Continue reading Becoming Arrowtown locals

From Arrowtown with love: Weekly gratitude #5

Winter in Arrowtown

Not having written a gratitude post a week hasn’t been due to the lack of people to be grateful for. We’re parked up in Arrowtown at the moment, a pretty place to be in winter. Because of low temperatures and short days, a lot of our activities revolve around food preparation and eating, so it was especially humbling to … Continue reading From Arrowtown with love: Weekly gratitude #5

Playing with less


While I was pondering what to write today, a post came up in my Facebook feed (seldom a helpful tool in getting things done) entitled “Why Fewer Toys Will Benefit Your Child”. I clicked on the link, skimmed through it in under 5 seconds, and clicked away again. I already know why. I didn’t need … Continue reading Playing with less

Weekly Gratitude #4


The last month has been unbelievably wonderful at times. It has honestly also been awful at times. When the boys have been screaming all day, and we’re worrying about getting enough design jobs in to keep us going, and it’s cold and wet, we ask ourselves, “Why are we doing this?”.  Looking back over the … Continue reading Weekly Gratitude #4

Being grateful in the age of housebussing

Kitchen storage

Yesterday we celebrated midwinter Christmas. A collection of all kinds of comfort food and punch filled our table, accompanied by Bing Crosby Christmas songs. Hannah brought up the idea of everyone sharing why they’re grateful for the other people in our family, and also for themselves. Elliott declined to comment. The hardest part of course is to … Continue reading Being grateful in the age of housebussing

Something I didn’t expect


There were all sorts of things I was looking forward to about living and travelling in a bus. Meeting new people in unexpected situations – inviting strangers in for a coffee, going to Playcentre in a town I don’t know, or being offered food just because we are there to receive it. I dreamed of … Continue reading Something I didn’t expect

Winter in the deep south


I’m writing this on an icy, blustery day in Invercargill – the southernmost city in New Zealand. The bus is being buffeted and I hear an occasional hiss as a stray raindrop makes its way down the chimney. The fire has been blazing all morning, so the bus is toasty, but I have to keep … Continue reading Winter in the deep south

There’s light in the darkness

Into the wild

So here we are, truly on the road, with our bus, ready as ever, all packed up and roaring! We had a great couple of days catching up with family in Christchurch, and our first day on the road was appropriately filled with action and drama: The metal flap door (heavy) almost dropped onto Hannah’s … Continue reading There’s light in the darkness

Picking berries for the winter

Elliott and cranberries

Considering it’s autumn and we’re still not on the road, the kids are helping in picking berries for the winter. Leaves, berries, forest paths, turtles (?), bliss. Not that this has ANYTHING to do with the bus WHATSOEVER, so here we go with Part II of the recent month update package:   Shower and loo Jonathan … Continue reading Picking berries for the winter

Little crackers

Easter sleepover

It’s Easter! And we’re still here.. Working around the clock though and feuern aus allen Rohren to get to the finish line; hence the lack of posts. I can assure you that lots has happened in the last four weeks, and that an end is in sight. We’ve started sorting out some belongings and will start … Continue reading Little crackers

As time goes by

Office space!

No, this is not a tribute post to Casablanca. (That would be weird.) We are still here As time goes by, we’re still in Hanmer working on the bus. I have a feeling that the end is nigh though. Here’s to show you what has happened in the last while, walls, office space, half a kitchen, … Continue reading As time goes by