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Colling Woods and Golden Bays


We arrived in Golden Bay four weeks ago and followed the road right up to Collingwood. Sleepy and laid back, it is situated on a tiny tip of land separating the mouth of the Aorere River, in the Ruataniwha (“Taniwha’s den”, or, even scarier, “Two Taniwhas”?) inlet, and the calm waters of Golden Bay. There … Continue reading Colling Woods and Golden Bays

100 Days # 21: The Johnnys

We went to see The Johnnys play last night at The Naked Possum – a cafe pretty much in the middle of nowhere, down a gravel road somewhere near Collingwood in Golden Bay. They were heaps of fun – billed as the world’s only all girl, all Johnny Cash band, they played to a modest … Continue reading 100 Days # 21: The Johnnys

Summer migration


Growing up, it seemed like all of Christchurch migrated north to Nelson and Golden Bay for summer. Having now spent 3 weeks in the area, it’s easy to see why. It has rained for half a day since we’ve been here, the roadside stalls are packed with summer fruits and berries, and the real fruit … Continue reading Summer migration