Weekly gratitude #3: Len and Maree


This week we’re gearing up to put the kitchen and plumbing in. I’ve been hanging out for this since Len and Maree Earl (parents of another school friend, Emma) called to ask if we needed any kitchen cabinetry. When they bought their 1930s house (now the nicest B&B in Hanmer Springs) the original rimu kitchen had been taken out and the cupboards were serving a life sentence up in the attic. It was so exciting yesterday to pull the doors out and get to work cleaning and sanding. Cheers Len and Maree – here’s to restoring Liberty!

2 thoughts on “Weekly gratitude #3: Len and Maree

  1. Wow,das nimmt ja langsam Formen an.Ihr habt aber auch immer ein Glück mit dem organisieren von altem Material.Sind das die Freunde,wo wir damals auch im B&B untergebracht waren?Da war es ja wirklich traumhaft schön .
    Drück Euch Alle

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