Poem: Moving on

Here’s a poem I wrote a few months ago. I thought I’d post it as a wee thank you to my new followers!


We spent winter huddled,prettybeachy2
backs braced against south coast winds.
These south coast trees – their branches don’t reach
they cower,
their forms fixed and hard,
stiff and bowed.

Their leaves grow close, matted like my hat.
Like my jacket, there are always gaps, so that
Even on calm days they hunch
waiting for the
next blow.

Crossed the Haast Pass
and a wind, straight from the lungs of a lover
unwound all that the winter has so tightly bound.

In this West Coast breeze
where trees
grow on trees
grow on trees
I am as fertile as this hot, damp ground.

I am wild, and the smell of me
should be
a welcome and a warning.
Me, I am as luxuriant and dangerous
as any stretch of bush around here.

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