A little over a year ago, we visited Gisborne. A true & easy start into the summer, it was already hot in October.

Gisborne was great.

What an awesome camp spot close to the beach, and an awesome view over the bay. Sunsets, waves, and BARBED WIRE!

The beach was our constant companion here. Afternoon ice creams, surfing lessons (where else, if not here). After a couple of lessons with Frank I actually stood on the board, and it was amazing.

I left here totally stoked to do more, with the plan to pick up surfing properly when back in Wellington. So maybe it was here when we started our ever expanding list of “Things to do when we’re back in Wellington”:

  • Surfing
  • Make a surfboard
  • Sourdough bread making
  • Meals prep for the week (yay for fridge storage!)
  • Make a proper longbow
  • Brew beer
  • Make a kayak

In and around Gisborne for four weeks, we visited the Rere Rockslide (amazing, if a bit cold at this time of the year) and Rere Falls, and found some awesome climbing trees.

Anyway, I left Gisborne with my heart partly broken, a flashbomb 4/3, and no surfboard. There was more to explore though and we needed to follow the call of the wild. Loisel’s Beach was to be the next stop, and what a stop it was [The beauty of small things].

IMG_0433IMG_0434 IMG_0436 IMG_0438 IMG_0439

Spot the Elliott!
Spot the Elliott!


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