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Over the last year or so, a number of clients approached us with the need to redesign their existing custom admin backend or build a new admin dashboard. As some of these projects are still in the pipeline, we can only showcase two here at the moment.

In each case, we used a fully responsive, bootstrap 3 based admin template, and then customized the look and feel and adapted the functionality to meet the client’s needs.

The dashboards are coded in HTML5/CSS3, JS and jQuery, and use a number of technologies:

  • Bootstrap 3 framework
  • Icon fonts (glyphicons, icomoon, FontAwesome)
  • JS charting libraries (Chart.js, Flot,..)
  • Responsive layout
  • Bootstrap HTML grid system
  • Custom UI elements
  • Advanced forms
  • SASS (css preprocessor)

Here are two clients who were in need of a custom admin dashboard:

Appreciation Engine showcase

Appreciation Engine screen

Coural showcase

Coural home page

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