Day 96: Bounty

A friend got in touch recently to ask if I could do some lettering for a teatowel to be given out at a family gathering. She wanted a casual calligraphic look, which I managed to put together within a tight timeframe and budget. It was an interesting process working on a handlettered piece with this … Continue reading Day 96: Bounty

Day 89: Go ahead, make your day

Back when I used to co-produce World Sweet World Magazine with my husband, Thomas, our motto/ tagline was “Make your day”. I’ve been meaning to do a handlettered version of it for a while now, but have never gotten round to it. So here’s a first draft – there are things I’d like to change, … Continue reading Day 89: Go ahead, make your day

Day 88: Long haul

I’m in Hamburg, Germany at the moment, here (pretty mindblowingly) to speak at the developers conference, So Coded, about my life travelling and working in a bus. Hamburg is pretty much as far away from New Zealand as you can get, so the whole flying/ waiting/ flying/ waiting/ flying/ waiting/ flying process took about 30 … Continue reading Day 88: Long haul

Day 86: Hospital sleep

I was in hospital recently with my son (for some tests and yes, he’s fine). I felt for all the weary parents who would just manage to doze off to the sound of beeping monitors and whimpering children, only to wake as a quiet nurse slipped past to whisper to the mum behind the adjoining … Continue reading Day 86: Hospital sleep

Day 82: Privacy

Living in a housebus is great, don’t get me wrong. And I do love the admiring glances we often get. But sometimes, when we’ve been staying in a parking lot instead of a campground, I do get a little bit over hipsters peeking through the window of our home as they make their way back … Continue reading Day 82: Privacy