Bonus Drawing # 101, Pania of the reef

Ok, just one more. We’re parked up in our home-on-the-road, Liberty the Great, in Te Awanga in the Bay of Plenty. It’s an awesome campground, right on the beach, and we’re loving the feeling of impending summer. There’s a legend in these parts of a beautiful woman called Pania who lived in the ocean, and fell in … Continue reading Bonus Drawing # 101, Pania of the reef

Day 100: The deepest sleep

SO here it is, drawing #100. It’s taken me 231 days to get here, as opposed to my proposed 100, but I’ve stuck at it and made it through to the end. I’m good at having ideas and starting things, but not that awesome at getting them finished, so I’m pretty proud of myself. Some … Continue reading Day 100: The deepest sleep

Day 96: Bounty

A friend got in touch recently to ask if I could do some lettering for a teatowel to be given out at a family gathering. She wanted a casual calligraphic look, which I managed to put together within a tight timeframe and budget. It was an interesting process working on a handlettered piece with this … Continue reading Day 96: Bounty

Day 89: Go ahead, make your day

Back when I used to co-produce World Sweet World Magazine with my husband, Thomas, our motto/ tagline was “Make your day”. I’ve been meaning to do a handlettered version of it for a while now, but have never gotten round to it. So here’s a first draft – there are things I’d like to change, … Continue reading Day 89: Go ahead, make your day

Day 88: Long haul

I’m in Hamburg, Germany at the moment, here (pretty mindblowingly) to speak at the developers conference, So Coded, about my life travelling and working in a bus. Hamburg is pretty much as far away from New Zealand as you can get, so the whole flying/ waiting/ flying/ waiting/ flying/ waiting/ flying process took about 30 … Continue reading Day 88: Long haul

Day 86: Hospital sleep

I was in hospital recently with my son (for some tests and yes, he’s fine). I felt for all the weary parents who would just manage to doze off to the sound of beeping monitors and whimpering children, only to wake as a quiet nurse slipped past to whisper to the mum behind the adjoining … Continue reading Day 86: Hospital sleep

Day 82: Privacy

Living in a housebus is great, don’t get me wrong. And I do love the admiring glances we often get. But sometimes, when we’ve been staying in a parking lot instead of a campground, I do get a little bit over hipsters peeking through the window of our home as they make their way back … Continue reading Day 82: Privacy