Sam Broughton Mayoral Campaign billboard

Sam for Mayor

Advertising Campaign


We reckon we did our bit to help win young, progressive councillor Sam Broughton‘s Mayoral Campaign for Selwyn this year. Sam needed an advertising campaign for his Mayoral bid which reflected his values and personality. The campaign we came up with together focussed on his approachability, capability, and vision for the future. Clearly a winning combination!

Sam Broughton Mayoral Campaign publication
In Sam Broughton's Mayoral campaign, he was keen to open himself up and let the voters really get to know where he came from, who he was, and his vision for the future of the Selwyn disctrict. Through in-depth newspaper ads, multiple billboards, and smaller, strategically placed advertisements, Sam got his point across. He won by a country mile, and is already doing great things for the district.
Sam Broughton Mayoral Campaign publication
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