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River adventures


At the moment we are parked in a campground with just a little stream separating the bus from the beach. The boys spend their days casting buckets and unbaited hooks (we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that there are not, and will never be, fish in that meter-wide trickle of water) from the little bridge … Continue reading River adventures

Day 75: Grandpa

Last weekend we were down in Christchurch for a wonderful family party to celebrate my Grandpa’s 90th birthday. With his five children, their 13 children and their 15 or so more all (except one) managing to make it, it was a huge gathering. Grandpa was an Anglican minister, but also worked for a time as … Continue reading Day 75: Grandpa

Day 44: Sea Lace

Our housebus is parked on the edge of a wonderful marine reserve at the moment, on Wellington’s south coast. The rock pools look like aquariums filled with all the most amazing specimens, and the beach is strewn with paua shells, cat’s eyes, kina shells and more. I’ve I’ve been drawn to the wonderful sea-weedy things … Continue reading Day 44: Sea Lace

Day 22: Shell seekers

I’m back online! We’ve just had a wonderful few days with my sister and her tribe here, so family catching up, swimming and fishing excursions have taken priority over sitting in front of a computer on a sweltering day. I’ll be posting a couple from the last few days today, and then will be offline … Continue reading Day 22: Shell seekers

Hokitika beach life


Life is ticking on pretty nicely at the moment. Work has picked up a bit more (downside = less blogging), and we have a steady wee routine going, something I’ve been aching for for ages. I’m really enjoying doing a bit more hand-drawn work – a couple of logos and some illustrations for a magazine … Continue reading Hokitika beach life

Four nights in the wild


We’ve had the most blissful few days. Four days ago (really only four?), we drove north out of Wanaka, heading towards the Haast Pass to cross over to the West Coast. At the top of Lake Wanaka, we pulled into a Department of Conservation campsite to spend the night. Having stayed in well-groomed Holiday Parks … Continue reading Four nights in the wild