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River adventures


At the moment we are parked in a campground with just a little stream separating the bus from the beach. The boys spend their days casting buckets and unbaited hooks (we’ve resigned ourselves to the fact that there are not, and will never be, fish in that meter-wide trickle of water) from the little bridge … Continue reading River adventures

Day 68: Train of thought

Ugh, I really really don’t like trains with faces. I don’t know why I drew this – it’s kitschy, and cheesey… wait, yes I do know why. Elliott loves trains. And it turns out my brain can’t bear to draw just a normal train, it has to draw a ridiculous one with curtains. Oh well, … Continue reading Day 68: Train of thought

Day 62: Maskmaking

I love witnessing perseverance in my boys – it’s such an important attribute. Otis generally is pretty disinterested in colouring-in, but he was given a book of masks which involve cutting out, sicking stickers and colouring. At first he was happy with white patches all over them, but upon studying the instructions he realised that … Continue reading Day 62: Maskmaking