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Bonus Drawing # 101, Pania of the reef

Ok, just one more. We’re parked up in our home-on-the-road, Liberty the Great, in Te Awanga in the Bay of Plenty. It’s an awesome campground, right on the beach, and we’re loving the feeling of impending summer. There’s a legend in these parts of a beautiful woman called Pania who lived in the ocean, and fell in … Continue reading Bonus Drawing # 101, Pania of the reef

Day 73: Fantail

I’m doing some design work for a nature reserve, so get to spend time drawing native New Zealand flora and fauna and get paid for it. This little guy is a Piwakawaka, or New Zealand fantail. They’re super curious, and will accompany you on your walk through the bush, ostensibly because of the flying goodies … Continue reading Day 73: Fantail

Day 53: Autonomy

The last three weeks have been intense. We’ve been on a whirlwind North Island tour with visiting family, hung out for three days at an amazing music festival, swum in in thermal creek, braved the wildest winds yet, waved goodbye, and realised we’re almost fully booked with jobs until June. In that time I haven’t … Continue reading Day 53: Autonomy