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A couple of months ago we’ve arrived in Wellington, and this is what it felt like: We have been looking forward to this moment for a long time. Finally in Wellington, WITH our new home. Two nights at Russell Terrace behind the zoo and now we’ve moved to the South Coast. And what shall I say? … Continue reading Wellington

Day 45: Cook Strait to my Heart

We used to live in Wellington, then lived in Germany for a while, and the idea of travelling in a housebus for two years is that we get to see the whole of New Zealand before choosing where to settle down. Despite good intentions to keep our options open, crossing the Cook Strait felt like … Continue reading Day 45: Cook Strait to my Heart

Day 44: Sea Lace

Our housebus is parked on the edge of a wonderful marine reserve at the moment, on Wellington’s south coast. The rock pools look like aquariums filled with all the most amazing specimens, and the beach is strewn with paua shells, cat’s eyes, kina shells and more. I’ve I’ve been drawn to the wonderful sea-weedy things … Continue reading Day 44: Sea Lace

Day 41: New Beginnings

Yesterday we crossed the Cook Strait on the Ferry from Picton to Wellington – the head of Te ika-a-Māui – the fish that Maui pulled from the sea to become the North Island of New Zealand. It feels like we’re leaving more than the South Island  behind us and a new part of our journey … Continue reading Day 41: New Beginnings